The Stowaway Problem

Increasing incidents

Stowaway incidents are increasing worldwide due to political and economic instability.

Mooring ropes

90% of Stowaways board vessels via the Mooring Ropes.

Financial burden

Once onboard, stowaways pose a significant health, financial and commercial burden to the vessel.

Stowaway on Mooring Ropes
Stowaway on Mooring Ropes

Our Solution

Now available for supply at the following South African ports:
Durban, Richards Bay, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Saldanha Bay.

Expertly designed

An expertly designed security device, proudly made in Durban, South Africa.

Stowguard Logo


Each unit is 1.3mtrs long, with an attached 3mtr stainless steel cable (lead line).

Stowguard in Place


Constructed in mild steel with cutting edges, it includes a carry handle, nickel plated for durability.


Cost saving

The cost saving is considerable, especially compared to the cost of dealing with the stowaway.

Stowguard ready for deployment

How to Deploy


Quick and Easy to deploy, due to its lightweight construction.


Clamps around any size mooring rope.


Comes standard with a stainless steel lead line for easy placement.


Can be handled and stored using  standard safety gloves.


A minimum of 12 units are recommend to cover FWD, AFT and spring lines.


Installable at all ports.